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Why should you store your Leisure Vehicle inside?

The four seasons all have different effects that deteriorate the look and mechanical condition of your LV. In addition to the corrosive affect of acidic ‘poo’ left by birds, insects, mice, rats and other native species.

Slightly warmer days and cooler nights, creating humidity that causes mould and mildew which can lead to deep staining.

Freezing temperatures that can damage engines, crack engine blocks or plastic lines and moisture that tends to permeate into everything creating mould.

Brings leaves that fall on your LV and with moisture it can create a moulding, stain or mildew effect to anything they land on.

Sun, Heat and Ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful to the paint finish, lacquer, coach and body work, boat gel coat, as well as any interior upholstery.

Ocean Leisure Storage is the best solution for long term gain!

When you invest in indoor storage with Ocean Leisure the problems the seasons cause disappear, and when you store with us, the headaches of washing, emptying and parking and so on are all taken care of. So in addition to protecting the return on your investment you benefit from spending more precious time with the family enjoying your holiday.

When and if you eventually sell or upgrade your leisure vehicle, a higher market price can be achieved than if it was stored outside in the elements.

Leisure vehicles are very expensive, not only to purchase but to maintain and store when not in use. These costs are part of the love of owning a leisure vehicle. To keep your investment looking like new it is of no surprise that your should keep LV indoors out of the weather.

Homes are being built with more community restrictions on storage of leisure vehicles in and around the home and, as well as that, the new home building contractors are shrinking the size of individual plots. The ownership of motor homes, caravans and boats is growing in popularity and lots of these LVs are stored outside on grass, gravel or concrete with no security. Add to that the cost of towing or driving your LV back up the motorway and you have the perfect reason for leaving your LV with Ocean Leisure Storage.

Ocean Leisure Storage wants to take the work out of owning an LV. We offer both storage only or service contracts that include a range of services that can be performed each and every time the LV is used. You are also able to book a work bay and come to site to carry out tasks yourselves. Facilities on site include toilets and a refurbished cafe beside a bakery, where you can get a lovely breakfast!.

We have a towing facility so you do not have to bother with the hassle!


For organisational purposes we require 48 hrs notice in advance so we can have your LV ready for collection. This gives us the necessary time to safely remove your LV from storage and perform any outgoing services that you have previously arranged. You can then collect your LV from our premises with everything ready for use. Upon returning from a trip, we will also require 48 hrs notice, to ensure our site safety policy and security measures are upheld at all times.

(alternative times for collection and delivery can be agreed subject to prior arrangement)

Why do our customers chose us to store their Leisure Investment?


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